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Akashic Records Readings



The Akashic Records provide:

Support for personal, powerful awareness & growth. 

Discover why your life is unfolding as it is.

Let go of what no longer works.

Explore more positive options for today, tomorrow & the future.

During the Akashic Records Reading Brenda will:

Access your soul’s records to help discover why you may not be able to move forward in an area(s) 

in your life. 

We will then discuss options on how to remove the block or blockages to assist you in achieving your soul’s purpose.

What to bring to each session

A specific question or area in your life you would like more information about.


Session Options

30 Minute Akashic Record Reading Introductory Price $40

45 Minute Combo Akashic Record Reading & Healing Introductory Price $ 60

(Healing takes place intermittently while seated during the reading)

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Intuitive Party Readings


Intuitive readings with Brenda in your home for a small group of family and friends. All you do is provide the friends and  a small private space in your home for Brenda to provide the readings, then enjoy a night of  socializing. Readings can range from 15 minutes  to 30 minutes per person. Pricing will be based on the group size and reading length but range from $ 30 to $ 60. Please call  or email Brenda with questions or for more information.  

Private Readings


Brenda partners with the angels and spirits guides to provide encouragement and direction on your life path.  Brenda may even connect to the spirit of a loved one to bring forth a uplifting message too.